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Side of him that made me inhale sharply. Bill was on haunches, his hands covered in red, as he tried to stop the flow of blood from Erich's shoulder. Erich lay prone on the floor. He wasn't moving and my nails bit into the palms of my hands to keep me from rushing over to his side. Next to them were two Palasium soldier. They had something chained between them. They pulled the chains taught between them, stretching two arms in the air. One soldier moved to the side and a strangled sound escaped my mouth. Chai was on his knees, his arms stretched to the side by the chains. His google clash of clans hack head hung limply forward, but I could see the muscles in his body contorting. No, please not this. On his wrists were steel bands – the torture device they had used on me before. I snapped my head towards Nuevo, hate pouring from every cell in my body. Stop it! I growled at him. He clash of clans hack lifted his finger from hack the button of the box in his skeletal hands. How good of you to join us, Miss Millar, he said in his snake-like voice. Chai's body went slack and he lifted his head. When he saw me, he pulled on the chains and tried to get up from the floor. Immediately Nuevo pressed the button clash of clans hack again, and I could see how the currents of pain rippled through Chai. He didn't make a sound as the muscles in his body spasm and contorted. Anger, deeper than I've ever felt before, rose in me. Nuevo would pay for what he has done. Let them go. My voice was eerily calm as I glared at Nuevo. Why would I do that, Miss Miller? Everyone that I am looking for is here now. My clash of clans hack gaze wandered to the people I loved. Emily and whomever else she was working with informed them that Bill was the leader and about the Epsilon. They provided them with all the information they needed. They knew exactly who to look for and where the ship was. There was nothing I could offer him, nothing I could trade for their lives. Everyone would die. You spared us a lot of time looking for you. Unfortunately we will ... I stopped listening to Nuevo. I blocked out his voice. I knew what I had to do. Nothing else mattered, but saving those I loved. I looked hack at Chai and cleared my mind. Chai. I said his name softly inside my mind. His head snapped up and his eyes found mine. He heard me. I could feel the desperation in him as he searched his mind for a way to escape. Chai, tell Bill...tell my dad that I'm sorry we don't have more time to get to know each other. Look after Erich, clash of clans hack please. He's still so young. Chai's eyes widened and his pupils dilated, then he roared like a wild animal and pulled with all his strength at the chains, nearly toppling over the soldiers. Chai...please listen to me. He stopped struggling and his eyes pleaded with me. He knew what I was planning. I'm sorry...for everything. I don't blame you for Emily's death. None of this is your fault. Chai, I love you. I had to tell him at least once. I turned my head to Nuevo and smiled. You messed with the wrong family. My voice was strong as it rang through the room. I reached for the gun and pulled from the elastic band of my pants and aimed it at Nuevo. A couple of things happened instantaneous.